Entitlement Offer

Closed – $5.5 million raised



Carnegie is undertaking an Entitlement offer to raise a minimum of $5.5 million which, if successful, will see a resumption in trading of Carnegie on the ASX and a continuation of our plans to develop the CETO wave energy technology. Details of the Entitlement Offer are contained in the Prospectus and Supplementary Prospectus. Eligible Shareholders should consider these documents carefully before deciding whether to participate in the Entitlement Offer and consult with their professional advisors if they have any queries.


Management Presentation

Shareholders were offered two management presentations held on 19 August 2019. A webinar (online seminar) and a ‘town hall’ style presentation were delivered. A recording of the webinar is available below.


Key Documents

Entitlement Offer Update and Shortfall Notification
Recapitalisation Presentation
Supplementary Prospectus
Second Supplementary Prospectus
Letter to Eligible Shareholders
Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
Notice of General Meeting
Grant of ASX Listing Rule Waiver

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I invest in this offer and it is unsuccessful (i.e. the minimum is not raised)

A: Funds will be returned in full.


Q: Why is there a Supplementary Prospectus?

A: Certain clarifications and corrections were identified through the process and the company provides them through a Supplementary Prospectus.


Q: Why was the offer close delayed?

A: During the offer period a Supplementary Prospectus was required to be prepared and posted to shareholders. The offer was delayed to allow time for shareholders to receive the documents before the offer closes.


Q: How many shares can I apply for under the Shortfall Offer?

A: There is no practical limit but the Directors have the discretion to accept the application in full or scale back.