Share Purchase Plan Information Centre

Carnegie Shareholders are currently eligible to expand their investment through the active Share Purchase Plan (SPP)
The below documents provide the details of the SPP. Shareholders wishing to participate in the SPP are encouraged to contact the Carnegie Shareholder registry Automic or utilise the personalised form mailed or emailed by your preferred contact method.

Click the below images to view the letter to shareholders, ASX Announcement, Cleansing Notice and Terms and Conditions for Carnegie’s SPP, the buttons below the images will provide a download link for the documents.

SPP Announcement
Open Book
SPP Cleansing Notice
SPP Terms and Conditions

For further Shareholder information please refer to the INVESTOR CENTRE

Automic Group

Carnegie Shares are managed through the Automic Group Shareholder Registry. While Carnegie will endeavour to provide generalised information in relation to the SPP, Please contact Automic Group directly for personalised information relating to the SPP and your Carnegie Shareholder portfolio, including if you wish to participate in the SPP.

You can access your Automic Group online portfolio though the login page by clicking HERE

OR alternatively, contact Automic Group though the information provided by clicking HERE.