CETO 6 – Wave Hub (UK)

About the project

Carnegie views WaveHub as a world leading facility for demonstration of WEC technology. Carnegie’s UK based subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy UK (CWE (UK) and Wave Hub Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to capture Carnegie’s work delivered to date at Wave Hub and to progress future development for a CETO array at WaveHub. The collaboration activities will focus specifically on site development, array planning, operational and maintenance requirements for wave energy devices and arrays.

CWE (UK) have also signed an MOU with James Fisher Marine Services, recognising their expertise in Marine Renewables and Plymouth University, who have provided specialised expertise and tank testing services. These MOU’s will provide a tangible benefit to CWE (UK) and their MOU partners with respect to Foundation Design, Subsea Connectors, Components and Tooling, Array Planning, Operation, installation and Maintenance requirements for wave energy devices and arrays, and the application and verification of testing regimes and numerical tools for Wave energy devices.