Mauritian Wave and Microgrid Design Project

Carnegie is currently contracted to deliver a renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, including technical, commercial and financial feasibility of high penetration renewable energy, an assessment of the Mauritian wave energy resource and the identification of a preferred site for a commercial CETO wave energy project and the design of a microgrid powered desalination plant on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues.

Customer: Mauritian Government

Project Partner: Australian Government, Mauritian Research Council

Location: Mauritius and the neighbouring island of Rodrigues

The next stage of the project is as follows:

  • Based on our design and against a power purchase agreement, deliver the financing, EPC and O&M of a solar, battery microgrid project.
  • The existing project delivers a roadmap, at a detailed level, to subsequently deliver a wave power solution.


  • Isolated grid system with peak load of 378MW supplied by multiple generation sources (diesel, biomass, hydro, solar PV, wind)
  • Currently 22% renewable energy with near-term target of 35% and longer term target of more than 50%
  • Grid integration technologies and distributed generation in the form of microgrids (importing/exporting) to ensure power quality and reliability can be maintained
  • The project is supported by $800,000 in funding from the Australian and Mauritian Governments.
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