Carnegie Clean Energy awarded funding for ACHIEVE Programme through RENMARINAS DEMOS

Carnegie Clean Energy’s subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland, has been awarded funding to the value of €1.2m ($1.9m) through the RENMARINAS DEMOS Program in funding by the Spanish Government. This program, established by Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, aims to support investments in marine renewables.

The AGUAMARINA funding complements the EuropeWave contract for the ACHIEVE Project and enables additional activities to be delivered for this key CETO deployment in Europe. Ultimately this funding improves and de-risks the activities whilst supporting Carnegie’s ambition for this deployment to unlock the commercial roll out of the technology globally.
These funds from AGUAMARINA enhance and extend the activities associated with the CETO deployment at BiMEP and supports collaboration with the site operators, BiMEP. This includes:

  • Extended CETO Operational Period: ACHIEVE funds the first year of operations and AGUAMARINA will fund a second year of operations.
  • Enhanced Wave Prediction Capabilities: The advanced control capability of CETO is enabled by a wave predictor able to forecast the waves impacting the device with a high accuracy at a short prediction horizon. Planned wave prediction activities will be enhanced.
  • Local Infrastructure: Development of new infrastructures for the test site such as foundations that will be used for the anchoring of the CETO device and a new dynamic electrical cable to connect the CETO device to the existing electrical infrastructure at BiMEP.
  • Local Knowledge: Collaboration with BiMEP to perform environmental surveys and deliver knowledge dissemination activity through the life of the Project.
  • Local Operations and Maintenance: Collaboration with BiMEP during the two years of deployment of the CETO device around operations and maintenance of wave energy