Carnegie Clean Energy CEO to keynote at ICOE 2024 Melbourne

We’re honoured to have our CEO, Jonathan Fievez, deliver a keynote address at the upcoming #ICOE2024 conference in Melbourne, Australia. Jonathan will share insights on Carnegie Clean Energy’s ground-breaking work harnessing the power of the ocean to decarbonise  energy generation.

Jonathan’s leadership has been instrumental in securing over AUD$11 million contract to deploy our #CETO wave energy converter in The Basque Country – Spain, highlighting the growing global recognition of wave energy potential. Carnegie is grateful for this opportunity to showcase our hard work on the international stage at ICOE, for the first time in our own backyard, Australia!

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) is a premier global event dedicated to accelerating the development and implementation of technologies that harness the ocean’s power for clean energy generation. From capturing the energy of waves and tides to utilising temperature and salinity differences, ICOE brings together experts, innovators, and policymakers to explore solutions for a sustainable energy future.

Key elements include keynote addresses by industry leaders, presentations on the latest advancements, exhibitor showcases, and networking opportunities. Held in Melbourne, Australia this year (September 17-19, 2024), ICOE represents a crucial platform for showcasing Carnegie Clean Energy’s ground-breaking work in wave energy and its potential to contribute to a decarbonised global energy grid.