Microsoft AI for Earth

About the Project

In October 2020, Carnegie was awarded a Microsoft AI for Earth grant to support further development of the ML Wave Predictor, with objective to simplify the hardware it relies on, without compromising on its accuracy. This will in turn broaden its potential applications and make it more readily useable by communities around the globe. Over the next year, the team will access Microsoft Azure’s state of the art virtual machines, storage, and sevices (such as Azure Machine Learning), to deliver the Machine Learning Wave Predictor 2.0.

About Microsoft’s AI for Earth

The AI for Earth Program is a $50m, 5-year commitment from Microsoft to bring the game-changing  power  of  AI to  those  working to  solve global  environmental  challenges  in  the  key focus areas of climate, agriculture, water and biodiversity conservation. Through grants that provide  access  to  cloud  and  AI  tools,  opportunities  for  education  and  training  on  AI,  and investments  in  innovative,  scalable  solutions,  AI  for  Earth  works  to  advance  sustainability across the globe. Microsoft’s goal is to move AI out of the lab and into the field to accelerate research, innovation and solutions to our most urgent environmental challenges.