Carnegie Features HPE Discover Conference at Sphere – Las Vegas USA

  • Keynote by Antonio Neri (HPE) and Jensen Huang (NVIDIA) talked about the significance of AI including collaboration with Carnegie on CETO’s AI based controller during first ever keynote at Sphere (Las Vegas)
  • Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fievez presented at HPE Discover 2024 on panel of AI leaders discussing the transformative potential of generative AI and supercomputing in the clean energy sector
  • CETO animation on loop and CETO model wave tank demonstration at entrance of HPE Discover Showcase to 14,000 industry professionals in attendance, providing incredible exposure of our CETO wave energy converter
  • Carnegie is collaborating with HPE to implement an AI-based controller for CETO, enabling advanced optimisation and improvements

View Carnegie’s Feature during the Keynote via the video (VIMEO) link below:

Carnegie is pleased to share updates regarding its activities at the HPE Discover conference in the USA, including a CEO presentation during the conference, CETO example used during the keynote presentation, and CETO animation and model wave tank displayed in the HPE Discover Showcase for the 14,000 people in attendance at the Sphere and Venetian Exhibition Centre in Las Vegas.
CEO Jonathan Fievez and Chairman Terry Stinson represented the Company at the prestigious conference, held at the Venetian Expo Centre in Las Vegas. The event showcases latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputing and is a key technology and AI event in the USA.

During the first day, CEO Jonathan Fievez joined an esteemed panel featuring AI leaders Trish Damkroger (HPE SVP of HPC & AI) and Dr. Prith Banerjee (CTO of ANSYS) to discuss how AI is revolutionising industries and driving innovation. The panel delved into the convergence of AI, cutting-edge technologies, and industry-specific expertise, discussing the potential for transformative change. 

Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fievez presents alongside AI leaders Trish Damkroger (HPE SVP of HPC & AI) and Dr. Prith Banerjee (CTO of ANSYS)

Carnegie’s CETO wave energy technology is also prominently displayed at the HPE Discover Showcase, where over 14,000 attendees had the opportunity to explore the future of tech.

Located in a notable position at the front of the Showcase, CETO captivated the audience with the CETO animation, developed by Spatial Media, displayed on a large screen and accompanied by a wave tank display demonstrating CETO in action and introducing the technology’s unique features. These visual representations provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the technology’s potential to transform the renewable energy landscape globally.

CETO Animation and Wave Tank on Display in HPE Discover Showcase

Carnegie’s invitation to participate in this event highlights the valuable ongoing collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to harness the power of AI and supercomputing to increase the energy generation of the CETO wave energy converter technology. Carnegie continues to drive innovation and accelerate the global transition to clean energy through impactful relationships and collaborations.

Following successful validation of the AI-based reinforcement learning controller during previous tank testing, the Company is now working towards implementing the controller as part of the ACHIEVE Programme’s CETO deployment in Spain.

MoorPower Winter Deployment

MoorPower redeployed for winter and generating electricity! Yesterday’s calm seas provided the ideal conditions for the redeployment of our MoorPower Demonstrator in North Fremantle, Western Australia.

Building on the successful validation completed during the initial deployment phase, this next phase will gather further data that reinforces that design and modelling validation work. We’ve also upgraded the MoorPower system with extra sensors to capture even more valuable data.

This deployment will deliver additional evidence of MoorPower’s commercial readiness, as winter brings the increased and varied wave conditions we expect to see in commercial deployments.

Carnegie’s MoorPower during redeployment at the offshore test site in North Fremantle WA

Carnegie Investor Webinar Recording Now Available

Carnegie Clean Energy recently hosted an Investor Webinar showcasing our CETO and MoorPower wave energy technologies, commercialisation pathways and strategies. CEO Jonathan Fiévez and Chairman Terry Stinson provided insights into the company’s strategy, recent progress, and future outlook. Investors also had the opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session. 

A recording of the 30 minute webinar is available for those who missed the live event below, alternatively view the presentation slides HERE

MoorPower’s First Operational Review

  • MoorPower Demonstrator achieves goals during its initial operational phase, signalling ability to meet commercialisation pathway targets
  • Over 2,000 hours of operations data gathered and analysed
  • Commercial aquaculture partner’s feeding barge motion and energy consumption data gathered and analysed
  • Core design proven with MoorPower modules functioning as predicted
  • Results validate power take-off architecture common to both CETO and MoorPower
  • MoorPower numerical models validated using Demonstrator performance data and commercial feeding barge motion data, providing confidence in Carnegie’s ability to forecast the performance of the Commercial MoorPower System for a variety of barges globally

View the full MoorPower Operational Report HERE

See MoorPower in action in the video below:

Dive into CETO

The wait is over. You can now dive into the latest CETO design in Carnegie’s newly released animation. 
Take a glimpse into how Carnegie’s CETO technology is turning the immense power of the ocean into electricity. Harnessing the consistent and predictable energy from waves will reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and improve energy security.  

Energy for the blue planet. 
See the future of ocean energy generation in action: 

With thanks to the team at SPATIAL MEDIA for helping us share our vision. 

ACHIEVE passes EuropeWave Authorisation to Proceed Milestone

Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd pleased to share that its wholly owned subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland (CWEI), has successfully passed the EuropeWave Authorisation to Proceed (ATP) milestone as part of its EuropeWave ACHIEVE Contract.

As part of the ATP milestone, CWEI submitted detailed documents covering financial, technical, safety, regulatory, and testing aspects. These have been reviewed by the EuropeWave Buyers Group to determine whether it was ready to proceed to the next stage of contract delivery and marks another successful step towards the deployment of CETO at BiMEP as part of the ACHIEVE Programme.

The successful achievement of the ATP milestone marks the start of a transition over the coming months from planning and design into procurement. With the EuropeWave Authorisation to Proceed granted, the team will begin awarding contracts for the fabrication and procurement of long lead items. Passing the ATP milestone also unlocks a EuropeWave milestone payment of approximately €168k ($276k AUD) which can now be invoiced.