Carnegie Clean Energy Presents at OTC Investor Webinar

Carnegie Clean Energy CEO Jonathan Fievez outlined the company’s strategic path forward at the recent OTC Markets Virtual Investor Conference focused on Clean/Renewable Energy. Virtual Investor Conferences is the premier investor conference series, facilitating direct communication and presentations between publicly traded companies and investors. The participation inspired by Carnegies recent dual listing on the US Over-the-Counter Quotation Bureau (OTCQB) under the ticker [CWGYF].

Mr. Fievez provided valuable insights into Carnegie Clean Energy’s recent progress, specifically focusing on the preparations for the deployment of CETO at the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) and successful award of financial support towards the ACHIEVE Programme through the EuropeWave PCP Programme and RenMarinas Demos Program.

The Recent deployment of MoorPower was also featured, demonstrating the applications of the innovative technology to the offshore aquaculture industry. Jonathan highlighting the trajectory of wave energy technologies in alignment with previously commercialised renewable energy technologies and the vast opportunity both CETO and MoorPower technologies provide to the global energy mix.

Investors were provided the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session following the presentation, which led to some engaging conversation  conversation about a variety of topics including revenue models, what maintenance regimes are planned and about issues concerning consenting.

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Carnegie Clean Energy welcomes Huon Aquaculture Representatives to view MoorPower Deployment

Yesterday, we welcomed Matthew Whittle and Hannah Gray from Huon Aquaculture to Carnegie HQ. They saw the recently deployed MoorPower technology up close at our offshore testing site, met with our technical team, and explored how this solution could significantly reduce reliance on diesel generators in offshore aquaculture operations.

The Blue Economy CRC-funded MoorPower project is an example of harnessing wave power for cleaner, sustainable electricity generation. By partnering with industry leaders like Huon Aquaculture, we ensure MoorPower aligns perfectly with real-world customer needs, setting the stage for successful commercialisation. We are grateful to Huon for their ongoing support of the MoorPower Project and their dedication to decarbonisation of their offshore operations.

CCE Listed in the U.S and Canada on OTCQB

Carnegie Clean Energy completes US listing onto OTCQB

Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX:CCE) is pleased to announce that the company is now dual listed, trading in the US on OTC Markets Group’s  OTCQB market under the stock ticker CWGYF.

  • Trading on the OTCQB market provides efficient, real-time access for institutional and retail investors in North America in US dollars.
  • OTCQB is a New York based institutional trading platform with deep liquidity and capital market partnerships including research, market making, data platforms and investor relations providers.
  • Trading and information flow through the OTCQB platform will allow the company to engage with renewable energy focussed investors in the US in a targeted and meaningful way.
  • Additional benefits include potential for increased liquidity and access to capital in the US.
  • CCE’s primary listing remains the ASX, with shares now having a secondary listing in the US, as well as the existing secondary listing in Europe.

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To learn more on the various platforms to invest in Carnegie Clean Energy, including the new listing on the OTCQB market – visit our INVESTOR CENTRE

MoorPower Deployed

MoorPower Demonstrator Successfully Deployed and Operating

• Carnegie’s MoorPower technology has been successfully deployed and has commenced operations at Carnegie’s offshore test site at North Fremantle, WA

• This Blue Economy CRC supported MoorPower Scaled Demonstrator Project includes industry partners including leading Australian aquaculture companies Huon and Tassal, as potential first adopters of the technology

• MoorPower delivers onboard electricity generation that can reduce current reliance on diesel generators in offshore operations, cutting carbon emissions, minimising risk and reducing energy costs

• The MoorPower Demonstrator deployment will deliver validation of the technology in advance of commercial rollout in aquaculture and other offshore industries

• The MoorPower Module works on the same principle as the CETO Power Take Off (PTO), but on the surface and at a smaller scale, so learnings are transferable to Carnegie’s projects in Europe

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Carnegie Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Carnegie Clean Energy and CEO Jonathan Fievez have garnered attention on the front pages of Business in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The coverage delves into Fievez’s insights on how the company’s ocean energy technology is gaining traction in Europe.

In an interview with Simon Johanson, Fievez shared his optimism about the progress Carnegie Clean Energy is making in the field of ocean energy. He discussed the national opportunities available for harnessing clean energy resources, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable advancements.

“We will be extracting energy from waves on a large scale. It’s just a question of when,”

Carnegie Clean Energy awarded funding for ACHIEVE Programme through RENMARINAS DEMOS

Carnegie Clean Energy’s subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland, has been awarded funding to the value of €1.2m ($1.9m) through the RENMARINAS DEMOS Program in funding by the Spanish Government. This program, established by Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, aims to support investments in marine renewables.

The AGUAMARINA funding complements the EuropeWave contract for the ACHIEVE Project and enables additional activities to be delivered for this key CETO deployment in Europe. Ultimately this funding improves and de-risks the activities whilst supporting Carnegie’s ambition for this deployment to unlock the commercial roll out of the technology globally.
These funds from AGUAMARINA enhance and extend the activities associated with the CETO deployment at BiMEP and supports collaboration with the site operators, BiMEP. This includes:

  • Extended CETO Operational Period: ACHIEVE funds the first year of operations and AGUAMARINA will fund a second year of operations.
  • Enhanced Wave Prediction Capabilities: The advanced control capability of CETO is enabled by a wave predictor able to forecast the waves impacting the device with a high accuracy at a short prediction horizon. Planned wave prediction activities will be enhanced.
  • Local Infrastructure: Development of new infrastructures for the test site such as foundations that will be used for the anchoring of the CETO device and a new dynamic electrical cable to connect the CETO device to the existing electrical infrastructure at BiMEP.
  • Local Knowledge: Collaboration with BiMEP to perform environmental surveys and deliver knowledge dissemination activity through the life of the Project.
  • Local Operations and Maintenance: Collaboration with BiMEP during the two years of deployment of the CETO device around operations and maintenance of wave energy