Hewlett Packard Enterprise showcases CETO and Reinforcement Learning Based controller at HPE Discover 2022

Carnegie was up on the big screen at HPE Discover 2022 this week, one of the biggest conferences in the technology calendar.

The three-day conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada 28-30 June.

Carnegie held a place on the conference floor, showcasing the work being done under its collaboration agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprises on Reinforcement Learning-based controllers.

CETO was on display in the interactive HPE wave tank, demonstrating its ability to adapt and operate in different wave conditions.

Carnegie also featured in a technical break-out session: ‘Carnegie Clean Energy and Hewlett Packard Labs Revolutionizing Wave Power with Trustworthy AI’.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises recognises that the complex nature of waves and the extremes of an ocean environment make designing an optimum energy-capture device a complex challenge.

Ocean waves carry enormous supplies of consistent clean energy and with reinforcement learning-based AI, CETO can optimally extract energy from each and every wave.

Together with HPE, we are using their supercomputers to study the rhythms of nature, and how they could unlock unlimited supplies of clean energy.

Carnegie Achieves CETO Digital Development Pathway Commercial Target

Carnegie is pleased to announce that its Digital Development Pathway has achieved its commercial target, through the cost and performance improvements of CETO.

These improvements have reduced CETO’s timeframe to commercialisation, making its pathway comparable to the historical progression of solar PV and offshore wind.

The completion of the Digital Development Pathway signals the escalation of commercialisation activities.

This is a key milestone and showcases how, with deployment, wave energy can become a commercially competitive and widely adopted technology.

The work undertaken has delivered a step change improvement in cost and performance which will place CETO in a strong position on the industry pathway to provide commercially attractive offerings to customers. Carnegie has been able to deliver up to a 30% increase in simulated energy capture performance with its industry partners, alongside projected improvements in reliability and operational efficiency.

The work conducted is expected to accelerate the uptake of CETO over the coming years by bringing the technology down the cost curve sooner, making it increasingly attractive to global markets.

As the technology progresses along its commercialisation pathway, and the cost of energy decreases further, Carnegie envisages the addressable market for wave energy to expand, creating a growing adoption curve previously seen in the solar PV and offshore wind market expansions.

Read the full ASX Announcement for more information.

Cost of energy vs deployment relationship for wave industry (as per 2015 EC trajectory) and CETO (using outputs from models). This demonstrates the Digital Development Pathway delivered significant value by unlocking a path to greater commercial opportunities.

Carnegie participates in Ocean Energy Events in Hobart, Tasmania

Carnegie was invited to present and speak at three ocean energy events held in Hobart, Tasmania.

The team first attended the Australian Ocean Energy Market Summit, a signature event hosted by the Australian Ocean Energy Group with the objective of supporting an increase in market adoption of renewable ocean energy in Australia.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Brighid Jay, delivered a presentation during the developer showcase talking about Carnegie’s suite of products and the various market needs they address.

While over at the 2022 Tasmanian Salmon Symposium our Chief Technology Officer, Alexandre Pichard, went through the MoorPower™ spin off product during the technology and systems for future panel. The symposium provided Carnegie the opportunity to speak with Australian salmon market representatives and industry leaders about how our novel wave converter systems can be used in offshore energy demand applications, such as feeding barges in the aquaculture sector. Learn More

Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fiévez featured at the Blue Economy CRC Annual Participants Meeting, delivering a presentation and speaking on the panel about our perspective on the future of a sustainable blue economy. To wrap up the week Brighid presented on our projects to decarbonise energy systems in marine industry.

The roadshow to Hobart also provided Carnegie with the opportunity to visit Tassal’s feed barges and get a hands-on experience of how Carnegie’s technology will be operating in the field in the near future through the MoorPower™ project in collaboration with the Blue Economy CRC.

Header image with EuropeWave logo

Carnegie awarded EuropeWave PCP Contract

Carnegie, via its wholly owned subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland Limited, has been selected as 1 of 7 contractors to deliver Phase 1 of the €20m EuropeWave Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) Programme, a competitive programme to advance wave energy.

Carnegie has been awarded €291k (A$463k) for Phase 1 to deliver a CETO tank testing campaign and a CETO concept design for sites in Scotland and the Basque Country, subject to contract signing. Phase 1 will commence on 3rd January 2022 and run for 7 months.

The EuropeWave project has received funding
from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 883751.

With almost €20 million in funding for the 3 phases of the programme, which runs from 2022 to 2026, the EuropeWave PCP is a collaboration between Wave Energy Scotland (WES), a subsidiary of the Scottish Government’s Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE).

Europe and the UK are driving forces behind the adoption of wave energy with several investments and support mechanisms underway. EuropeWave PCP’s objective is to accelerate the development of cost-effective wave energy converter systems that can survive in the harsh ocean environment, and ultimately EuropeWave PCP will contract three of the Phase 1 contractors to deploy their prototypes at BiMEP or EMEC in Phase 3.

The selection of subsequent Phase 2 (€600k) and Phase 3 (€3.75m) EuropeWave PCP contracts will be based on competitive selection within the contractors.

CETO Wave Energy Ireland will deliver Phase 1 of the PCP with an impressive team including its consortium partner SAITEC Offshore Technologies and subcontractors Yavin Four Consultants, DNV UK Ltd, IHCantabria and Julia F. Chozas Consulting Engineer.

The contract is a strong third-party validation of CETO’s technical and commercial potential and strongly aligns with the Company’s strategic objectives.

Carnegie Launches MoorPower Project

Carnegie has been awarded funding and launched MoorPower a Scaled Demonstrator project in conjunction with prominent research institute, the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (Blue Economy CRC). MoorPower™ is a CETO derived wave energy product designed for moored vessels and offers a solution to the challenge of securing clean and reliable energy for offshore activities, reducing reliance on diesel generation. The initial target market for MoorPower™ is offshore vessels such as feeding barges for the aquaculture sector, but the future market is broader and includes the many other offshore operations that require energy.

Impression of the MoorPower™ system aboard a feeder barge

Over the next 2 years, Carnegie will design, install and operate a scaled demonstrator of the MoorPower™ technology just offshore from its headquarters and research facility in North Fremantle, Western Australia. This $3.4m MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator project will be delivered with funding support from the Blue Economy CRC and in close collaboration with a consortium of partners including two of Australia’s largest aquaculture companies, Huon Aquaculture and Tassal Group. Academic and industry partners include DNV GL Australia, Advanced Composite Structures Australia, University of Tasmania, Climate KIC/Australian Ocean Energy Group, AMC Search and University of Queensland. The project is supported by $1.35m cash from the Blue Economy CRC, $265k cash from Carnegie and $1.8m of in-kind support from all the project partners.


Together with the Blue Economy CRC, Carnegie conducted a webinar on the launch of the new MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator Project on Friday the 22nd of October 2021. The recording for the webinar is now available, courtesy of the Blue Economy CRC: