Microsoft AI for Earth Grant awarded to Carnegie’s Wave Predictor Project

Carnegie Clean Energy Limited (Carnegie or the Company) is pleased to announce that it has been selected to receive a Microsoft AI for Earth grant to support a project that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the capabilities of Carnegie’s Wave Predictor and broadens its potential applications. Carnegie’s project was chosen through a competitive global selection process.

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Release of Wave Predictor Video and Webinar

Carnegie has released a new video related to its recently developed Wave Predictor technology. The video provides a high-level explanation of how it works, the benefits to Carnegie’s CETO technology and what it offers other marine industries. The video has been released on the company’s website and will also be posted on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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Carnegie’s Wave Testing Campaign has now been successfully completed

The Wave Testing Campaign was successfully completed on Tuesday the 21 July 2020. With funding support from the European Marinet2 programme we were able to undertake a tank testing campaign to validate our Wave Predictor. As described in our previous announcement, the test took place in Cantabria, Spain and was completed without Carnegie being able to attend due to COVID-19 constraints.

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Carnegie is recently awarded funding by the Blue Economy Cooperative

Carnegie involvement in four short-term scoping projects has recently awarded funding by the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (BECRC). The BECRC is coordinating a $300m+ programme to advance Australia’s blue economy in the areas of seafood production, marine renewable energy and offshore engineering. These projects involve collaboration between industry and academia and will serve to guide the BECRC’s future work programme and funding allocations.

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Many of our team are now working remotely

Carnegie would like to advise that while many of our team are now working remotely, we continue to work as hard as ever on developing our CETO technology. We are fortunate that our current business efficiency remains materially the same under these circumstances thanks to our digital development approach but future work, physical testing in particular, may be affected. Contact by phone, email and website remains fully functional to keep us connected with shareholders, stakeholders and our business community.