Commercial Solar PV

Carnegie is a leader in commercial scale solar PV integration for commercial and industrial clients.

This experience has been developed through the delivery of high profile projects to the cities of Mandurah, Canning, Cockburn and Melville, along with the WA Police, Australia’s largest grain exporter CBH, SIGMA Queensland and many other Australian businesses. We are now delivering projects across Australia to businesses looking to offset spiralling grid energy costs.



Carnegie’s solar systems can be designed and built, battery ready. Before connecting a new site to the grid, we can provide an estimate of the potential savings to be made from remaining grid independent by using our stand-alone power systems to receive a more reliable, consistent energy supply. Click to see our battery options.


Increasingly businesses are looking to spread the upfront cost of a solar PV system into a lease, or even a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), just like buying power from a retailer. Our leasing and PPA offerings are customised to customer’s requirements and provide a solution for customers to get the benefits of solar PV without the upfront capital investment.


For lots based in Horizon Power Network locations, new Solar PV systems are required to be accompanied by a battery for systems above 5 kW.

Carnegie is leading the industry in battery system integration and offer Horizon Power approved “Solar Smoothing” systems from 30kW up to megawatt scale. These systems are only a few settings and a diesel generator away from stand-alone operation, so the opportunity to defect from the grid and gain complete energy independence is readily available.

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Carnegie offers monitoring, operational support and maintenance options for all commercial solar PV systems.

Energy systems are monitored in real-time using our in-house developed web-based portal which allows us to view live data to monitor and optimise system performance.

The data generates automatic alerts via SMS and email to both the Client and our support team. In addition, we operate a 24/7 call centre for all service enquiries for our managed sites.



Our team is waiting to answer all your questions and help guide
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