Our Projects

Carnegie has been delivering projects for over 10 years to build capability, demonstrate performance and generate valuable data.

We are currently undertaking a new technology improvement project to create a step-change in performance and cost reduction. This work will deliver an optimised design that uses machine learning, an advanced electric power take-off, new hydrodynamic techniques and improved system configuration.

Carnegie is the owner of the Garden Island Microgrid (GIMG) that was completed in 2019. With 2MW of solar capacity and an associated battery, it will provide revenues for the company through the sale of electricity to the Department of Defence. Importantly, it is fitted with the key equipment that makes it ready to connect a future wave energy project.

Carnegie has undertaken a number of significant projects in the past that have delivered immense value in regard to the know-how, experience and data collected. They have also delivered assets that continue to benefit Carnegie and our current developments.

Current Projects

Past Projects